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How Eclectic are your music tastes?

I’ve been using Last FM seriously for about six months now and find its statistics fun and enlightening, as well as nice for finding out new artists.

I took Anthony Liekens’ Super Eclectic Test, a quite simple statistic for finding how similar your top 50 listened artists are to each other by searching for common “similar artists”.

The concept is that by taking 20 similar artists from each of your 50 top listened artists, you end up with a potential pool of 1000 artists, assuming there is absolutely no overlap between any of them. The more similar your top artists are, the more common artists they have that overlap, reducing your overall score.

Anything over 700 is considered eclectic. I managed 757/1000 as of today, so I can officially say I have eclectic tastes.

So, I appear to be in the most eclectic 6 or 7%… Yay for me.

Unfortunately, I noticed a trend in the way Last FM labels foreign artists: Every female Japanese artist I have in my library is considered similar to every other Japanese female artist in my library!

I guess they just label all Japanese stuff as similar, like old people who say stuff like, “All Chinese look the same.”

It’s a bit sad that this sort of indiscriminate grouping exists considering this is a music site. I can only hope they realise at some point that Nakajima Miyuki (50 something cabaret/ballad singer) and Utada Hikaru (20 something R&B / Pop singer) have about as much in common as I have with Henry Ford.

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