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Apple Aluminium Keyboard, Unresponsive Keys. (aka, Apple can’t even make a reliable keyboard any more.)

November 18, 2008 5 comments

In This Post I talked about Apple products failing and it saddens me to say that my selection of products are continuing to play up.

I have three desktop Macs, my aluminium iMac, an intel Mac Mini and a G4 Cube. Of these, the iMac is the only one with the new aluminium keyboard. All of the others come with one of the more “traditional”, long throw keyboards.


Now, I originally raved about the keyboard, and still do. It’s beautifully ergonomic, and I swear my typing speed has increased by about 50% since starting using it. But unfortunately, for all its ergonomics, the reliability has been questionable.

Back in September, the left control key started to play up and became unresponsive.

I blew compressed air over the thing and even removed the key to see what was up, all to no avail.

I ordered a replacement keyboard on Apple Care. They very kindly sent me new one and I sent the old one back immediately.

So, you’re wondering if I’ve stooped to talking a faulty key on a keyboard and thinking, you’re really scraping the barrel.

But, bear with me…

WIthin weeks, the new one started to play up, with the “2” key becoming unresponsive and I ordered another replacement keyboard on Apple Care. Again, they very kindly sent me new one and I sent the old one back immediately.

This one has arrived and it has a spongey Return Key, that is only responsive on the bottom half, unlike the crisp Return keys of my previous ones.

So now I’ve ordered yet another keyboard. Let’s see if this is any better than the previous three.

For God’s Sake, Apple, it’s a bloody keyboard! You’re trying to tell me I can trust you to make precision built laptops with thousands of parts for the luxury market when you can’t even make a keyboard where every key works? On a keyboard, most is not enough!

Argh! Apple, sort yourself out.

After Mac OS X 10.5.5 – cannot reenable additional Screen Sharing (ARD) functions hack

September 17, 2008 10 comments

[EDIT: Solution Found to enable screen sharing full screen, here ]

I’d reported that a hack existed to enable Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) alike functionality in the humble built in Screen Sharing client in this post.  Unfortuantely, this hack no longer works to enable the ARD like client functions in Leopard 10.5.5, which means:

  • No more black and white or 256 colour (greyscale) quality for low bandwidth connections.
  • No more clipboard copying.
  • No more curtains for the remote screen.

Oh! Unless, that is, you splash out $299 for a TEN LICENCE ADMINISTRATOR’S PACK!

Jeezus H Kriste and his twelve frollicking followers! Leopard must now have the world’s only VNC client that costs $299 to enable full screen.

Kind of reminds me of when Apple used to charge $29 to enable the amzingly awesome

  • Quicktime “Pro” function:  playback video full screen…

Except that this costs more than 10 times the price!

As much as I still like Mac OS X, things like this are REALLY starting to get my goat.

Sorry, but I’m going to use large numbers of capital letters for a purpose other than acronyms. If you find them offensive, please stop reading, you have been warned.


It’s a feature required and wanted by practically anyone who uses an EFFING laptop to access their glorious BUT REMOTE computer at home with its Full High Definition screen. Or those need to access one Mac from another AT FULL SCREEN QUALITY WITHOUT GOLLYGOSHDARNITSTINKINGMUTHARUBBING SCALING!!!


Why is it on the PC I can have any resolution I choose, but with the Mac I’m stuck with a crappy frame grab of the whole fragging screen at full spiggotting resolution! For fume’s sake… (Can you tell I’m trying my best not to swear!)

Oh Blow it! I’m installing ARD… available for download from your nearest and dearest search engine.