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Excessive Packaging!!!

April 22, 2008 Leave a comment

I know that shipping a product with inadequate packaging can be damaging. I’ve done it myself only to have the items all banged up at the destination.┬áBut this is starting to get ridiculous.

We got this substantial box in the post:

A substantial box arrives in the post

Expecting a book or something, we opened it and got quite a surprise.

Say, that\'s a nice little package!

It was a free sample of cosmetics. Oh happy day!

What a waste!

A box this size for a tiny little vial of oil. I’m amazed we have any trees left at all!

The unpackaged article
Couldn’t they just bubble wrap it?

How can we be responsible parents and explain the concepts of ecology vursus wastefulness when random boxes like this come through the post?

PPR, Packaging to Product Ratio
I’ve decided to create a new ratio to account for this, I’ll call it PPR, or Packaging to Product Ratio.

If we want to be pseudo-scientific about all this, we can further categorise this ratio:

  • PPR/V – The ratio of package to product by mass.
  • PPR/M – The ratio of package to product by volume.
  • PPR/C – The ratio of package to product by cost.
    • This one’s a little tricky to measure in the home
  • PPR/D – The ratio of package to product by damage to the environment.
    • Again, a little difficult to quantify without a research lab and a team of investigators.

Since I can’t accurately judge the weight of the packaging from the photo and don’t have the collagen:Vitamin C ratio of the oil in memory right now, I’m going to be lazy and just do PPR/V

Packaging : 36cm x 24cm x 8cm = 6912cc.

Product : Vitamin C enriched essential oil : 5cc

PPR/V = 1382 : 1

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