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What Happened to My Google Page Rank?

November 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Help! I noticed a sudden drop in referred searches as of last week and I found that my Google Page Rank of Nanchatte has completly gone! It was Page Ranked 4 until last week and now suddenly it’s unranked: not even 1!

That means that my new blog posts no longer seem to get indexed by Google. I’ve typed exact paragraphs from my last two articles (Apple’s Aluminium Keyboard Problems andĀ China Food Scare articles) but neither return any Google goodness.

My “How Eclectic Are Your Music Tastes?” article, however comes in the first page if you type the title in. In fact, the majority of my articles were very well ranked even with quite general keywords.

What could have gone wrong?

Tech Tip: WordPress 2.5 comments awaiting approval don’t appear in admin panel

June 24, 2008 1 comment

If you find that comments awaiting moderation are not showing up in the admin panel of WordPress 2.5.x then you need the following fix to be applied to your WordPress database.

Use PHPMyAdmin or another too to connect to your WordPress databaseĀ and issue the following SQL command:

create index comment_date_gmt on wp_comments(comment_date_gmt);

You should find that comments now display correctly in the admin panel.

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